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What is the cost for your Google Ads service?

Our Ads bundle starts at $200/month, with a minimum (and seperate) ad budget of $150. You can choose to add more ad spend in increments of $50.

What happens after I start the process and make payment?

Once you purchase an ad package, we take your business information and start creating Google ads based on the products and/or services you sell. You will be given the opportunity to customize the ads, targeting, and budget once the campaign is set up. The average turnaround time, from signup to ads being live, is 2 business days.

What are the requirements needed for my business to use you guys' service?

We’ve built our service to suit businesses of any budget or technical skill. You simply need to tell us a little bit about your business, and we do the rest.

What countries are supported?

We provide services to businesses in Canada, the United States, Australia, and countries in the UK.

How are the ads generated?

We take the data about each product / service your business sells, format it to Google’s specifications, and submit the data directly to the Google Ads engine. We have many integrations that allow us to gather product and service data automatically. We also accept .csv or .txt files for products.

Where do my ads show?

The ads appear in Google Search results, in the text ads area. We can optionally connect to Google Shopping and Google Maps, this setting can be triggered in your Shoptoit dashboard.

What do the ads look like?

We take text snippets from the business’ website (along with factors such as the product searched for, and the location desired) to generate text ads for each product / service within the campaign.

How are the keywords generated?

We generate extensive Long-tail keyword lists for each product/service a business sells. Our marketing agents generate long-tail, intention keywords - rather than generic, broad terms that can quickly eat up a small business budget. We focus on buyers - not browsers and deliver much higher ROI.

Where do the ads link to?

We create a variation of text based ads for each product/service you sell. We handle all categorization, ad creation, keyword generation, negative keyword omissions - to generate ads that direct to the specific landing page for each product or service, increasing campaign effectiveness and conversions.

How do I track performance of the ads?

We send weekly reports showing ad progress but can provide daily updates as requested. For tracking these visitors once they come through to your website, we set up auto-tagging on each ad - this allows you to view performance in Analytics in the Google Ads section.

What returns can I expect from Google Ads?

The expected cost and return a business sees from Google Ads varies based on industry, geographical region - and really is unique for every business. It's a hard projection to make. Our Google Ads Expectation by Industry info above offers some projections based on industry - but keep in mind these are simply industry averages, and the best route is to run your ads for a couple of months, and learn from the results. Smaller businesses simply can’t afford to compete with their larger competitors for broad, generic search terms - for example - “Mens Shoes”. But when bidding on more specific, long-tail keywords such as “Mens Nike Air Max Near Me” smaller businesses can compete. This is why we focus on long-tail keyword generation.